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For decades, we at Classic Ironworks have been Your Door Store providing stylish and elegant entry doors, windows, handrails, fences, gates, and other home products. Whether you are building a new home or business, remodeling an existing structure, or looking to upgrade your security features, let us help you make a classy, cost-efficient choice customized to fit your exact needs. We service the entire Birmingham area including the cities of Trussville, Hoover, Bessemer, Gardendale, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, and many more. Additionally, we serve communities in Gadsden and Tuscaloosa.

Now offering Powder Coating

Classic Ironworks is proud to now offer powder coating on all our products, including railing, gates, fences, and doors. In fact, we can powder coat those same products you may already have installed at your home or office.

The Power of Powder Coating

Castle Entry Doors

Your front door makes the first impression to guests invited in to your home or office. Why not show them the best with one of our castle entry doors? Our doors are hand-crafted to fit your style, using only the finest premium materials built to stand the test of time. You will experience a fully customized process that begins with choosing from a wide variety of styles and colors.

We will end with installing the beautiful, perfect entry way tailored to fit your home or office. Our castle entry doors will upgrade your property’s look, while providing a stellar first impression.

With Classic Ironworks, you will receive quality products and an excellent customer experience from start to finish

The Imperial Ornamental Iron Doors

Imperial Ornamental Iron Door

Ornamental Iron Doors


  • Help stop intruders from breaking into your home or office
  • Help withstand the force of storms and harsh weather conditions
  • Give you a much greater degree of overall protection than a regular door provides

The reasons to upgrade to a security door are evident. Security, peace of mind, protection from intruders, and protection from harsh weather are great motivators in the decision making process.

Installing a high quality security door isn’t a do-it-yourself project. You will definitely need a professional to install it correctly. That means making sure the company installing the door has years of experience and strong reviews from previous customers. Classic Ironworks has both!


Rails serve as a safety measure for guests of your home or office, so why not have it be an aesthetic feature of your property as well? Determining if railing is a requirement of your municipality’s building code should not be the only reason you consider installing rails around your structure. Our team at Classic Ironworks can create a design that not only provides safety, but also enhances the curb appeal.

Gates & Fences

Gates and fences, whether made of iron, steel or other materials, provide security and enclosure to an establishment. They also provide aesthetics to any building they enclose. There are a lot of gating and fencing options you can choose from, including the material, color, design, size and height. Each of our gates and fences are completely customizable. Of course, there are already pre-fabricated gates and fences that you can choose. However if you have a specific design in mind, particularly if you are buying wrought iron, we can fit the gate and fence according to your requirements. You can showcase your taste and personality even before your guests enter your home or office.

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